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Omnivore Weight Loss Meal Plan - 4 Weeks

Omnivore Weight Loss Meal Plan - 4 Weeks

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Our 4-week Omnivore Weight Loss Meal plan is high in lean sources of protein, essential amino acids and full of vital B-Vitamins. 

NOTE: An Omnivore is an animal or person that eats both plant and animal based foods.


  • 4 Weekly Meal Plans with Grocery List
  • Full Menu Overview with Macro info
  • 12 Easy Cook Recipes with Macros & Calories
  • 99 Healthy Vegetarian Friendly Foods with Macro & Calorie info
  • Easy to customize
  • Tailored for Weight Loss
  • High Protein Base Meals
  • Meal Diary Sheet

Benefits of Omnivorous Diet

  • High in Amino Acids  - Vital for immunity, muscle growth, tissue repair and plenty of metabolic functions 
  • High B-Vitamins - Essential for converting food into energy, increasing muscle, joint and ligament strength
  • High in Carnosine - Anti-aging, stabilizes blood sugar, improves gut health and cognitive function
  • High in Proteins - Boosts metabolism, increases muscle, reduces cravings and improves satiety levels


For the best results use this Meal Plan with our Workout Calendars

Note: This plan is designed to be practical and straight to the point which will immediately accelerate your results and increase your awareness surrounding food choices and quantity.

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